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Client Testimonials

“My aunt just moved to Austin and was most disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to call on the services of the lovely folk at Chilango’s Auto Repair & Locksmith anymore. The family she sold her house to here in Sugar Land needed my recommendation on a good residential locksmith and I couldn’t praise Chilango’s Auto Repair & Locksmith highly enough! They don’t yet have an internet connection set up, so they asked me to write and thank you so much for the excellent security solutions you provided them and for giving them such a positive and warm welcome to Sugar Land!” Annie Fonseca

“Experiencing a home break-in within the month of moving into a new house is devastating. In these situations, you need to work with a company who will be sensitive to your vulnerability and not take advantage of your desperation to return to a secure home each night by charging above and beyond market rate or suggesting expensive but unnecessary “add ons.” Chilango’s Auto Repair & Locksmith  listened very carefully to our concerns before making suggestions on how to increase our home security, and were totally upfront about cost from the jump, which we think makes them honorable professionals.” Tony Smith-Lee

“I had no idea that my car could overheat like it did on Tuesday. I was seriously worried that it was going to melt! As soon as she started to make that tell-tale wheezing noise that means I’m in trouble, I ran her over to the boys at Rudy’s Locksmith &  Auto Repair so they could take a look at her. They worked their magic and she’s running like a dream again!” Betsy Callard

“I run a residential care facility with many assisted living apartments across Sugar Land. What unites all of these is the need for safety and security of our residents. The only company I trust in Sugar Land to implement effective security solutions, embracing both aspects from commercial and residential sites to match the unique nature of the homes of my residents, is Chilango’s Auto Repair & Locksmith.” Victor Cohen