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Professional rekey service in Sugar Land

When you need rekey services, any other locksmith service, or anything to do with auto repair, you can trust that Chilango’s Auto Repair & Locksmith has you completely covered. Our highly skilled technicians operate throughout Sugar Land and are able to handle your vehicle maintenance needs such as oil changes, wheel alignments and much more! We are available to help you out 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. That means no matter when you need us, we’re there for you!

Rekey is cheaper then changing your locks

Many homeowners are not familiar with what it takes to rekey the locks in their homes or their cars. A long time ago, it was actually rather hard to rekey a lock. People would have to find someone skilled as a locksmith, practically take their door apart, and more. Now, however, locks in both your vehicle as well as in your home can be refitted for a new key. This can be done by replacing the mechanisms inside the lock. Today, you don’t have to replace the doorknobs, any of the external hardware, or the deadbolt.

However, you should still use a skilled professional to provide you with rekey services. The number one reason is that despite not having to change all the outer hardware, it still takes a professional technician to handle all the inner workings of your lock. It takes a specialist to make that lock ready for a new key.

Here’s a few good reasons why you might need to rekey your lock. Perhaps you need one master key that will open all the locks in your home, office or car. Maybe you want to limit who can enter your home. Maybe you lost your keys, or possibly they were stolen! Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need your locks to accommodate a new key. Remember that it is always cheaper to rekey a lock than it is to replace your locks entirely. Our technicians in Sugar Land are always standing by, ready to help increase your safety.

Give Chilango’s Auto Repair & Locksmith a call today and let’s discuss what our locksmiths can do for you!
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